Dispute Over Beer Strike Heads to Arbitration Council

A push for concessions by striking beer factory workers in Sihanoukville has been sent to the Phnom Penh-based Arbitration Council for further negotiations.

Tuesday’s work stoppage, led by warehouse staff at the Angkor Beer-producing Cambrew factory, led to two concessions from factory management on Wednesday, said Yu Kemara, director of the provincial department of labor.

“The remaining three requests—the reinstatement of a sacked warehouse manager, Lim Roth; the dismissal of the Malaysian general manager, Y.K. Wong; and a free meal for every shift—have been sent to the Arbitration Council,” Mr. Kemara said.

The company agreed to pay workers’ union membership fees and “put an end to controversial discriminatory behavior against staff at the warehouse,” said Ken Mao, a representative from the Cambodian Food and Service Workers Federation.

Chheng Sopheak, the company’s head of human resources, said the factory had resumed production and most employees returned to work on Wednesday.

The company previously denied any discrimination.

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