Deputy PM Sok An on Medical ‘Mission’ to Singapore

Deputy Prime Minister Sok An has been assigned to an “informal mission” in Singapore for a month as he receives medical care in the city-state, his Cabinet chief, Sok Chanry, said on Tuesday.

“His Excellency Deputy Prime Minister Sok An has taken an informal mission for a month in Singapore and he is also scheduled to go to a hospital for a health checkup,” he said.

Mr. Chanry declined to say why the checkup required so much time, or when Mr. An, 66, planned to return to Cambodia.

Mr. An, who has headed Prime Minister Hun Sen’s Cabinet since 1998, was previously out of the country for several weeks receiving medical treatment in 2012.

After his return, the Council of Ministers released a statement that Mr. An had received treatment for kidney stones in Singapore.

In 2013, Mr. An fainted at a funeral procession for the King Father, which was attributed to exhaustion after a long flight from Paris.

Singapore has remained the destination of choice for senior politicians seeking medical care, including Prime Minister Hun Sen, who regularly visits for checkups and treatment.

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