Crane Operator Killed Removing Acleda Sign

A 27-year-old crane operator removing an Acleda Bank sign in Koh Kong province was killed on Monday after his crane accidentally made contact with bare electrical wires, a bank official confirmed on Tuesday.

Chhum Chet, whose family business had been hired to remove the sign from a bank branch in Sre Ambel district’s Sre Ambel commune, was in the midst of lifting the sign with the crane when its arm touched the overhead wires, sending a powerful current through his body, branch manager Say Khan said.

He said Chhum Chet, who had been warned of the danger, died on the way to a local hospital.

“My staff had reiterated [to him] that the electrical wires up there were all stripped bare,” Mr. Khan said.

Acleda is in the process of replacing its signs across the country after the Economy and Finance Ministry last week ordered the bank to replace its 23-year-old logo, a mythical golden bird in the middle of a blue circle, because it was too similar to the ministry’s own.

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