CNRP Locates New Plot Of Land for TV Station

The CNRP has found a new plot of land for what would be Cambodia’s first opposition television station, after it was banned from using another plot earlier this year, Kun Lum Ang, the head of the planned operation, said on Wednesday.

“We recently found a new location, and we are in the process of transferring land ownership,” said Ms. Lum Ang at the CNRP’s headquarters, adding that the plot was located on the outskirts of Phnom Penh along National Road 5, from where a number of TV stations already broadcast.

“I hope we will not meet any of the obstacles we met in the past, since the new location is far from residential villages.”

In April, the CNRP was banned from erecting an antenna just outside the city, with local officials saying residents feared that the radiation would cause health problems.

Ms. Lum Ang added that the CNRP had raised about $700,000 for the station so far but had spent some of it preparing.

“So far, the money left is around $500,000 and we are trying our best to start the operation soon, but that will not be anytime in 2016,” she said.

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