Chinese Ships Dock in Sihanoukville for Training Exercises

Three ships from China’s South Sea Fleet arrived in Sihanoukville on Monday ahead of scheduled training exercises with the Cambodian na­vy in the Gulf of Thailand this week, just days after a goodwill visit by a trio of Japanese vessels.

The Chinese ships—two guided-missile frigates and a supply vessel—docked at Sihanoukville Autonomous Port and will host the training on Wednesday and Thursday before departing on Fri­day, according to Meas Thang, spokesman for the Roy­al Cambodian Navy.

“The training will begin the day after tomorrow, training on how to rescue peo­ple in the water, techniques for controlling a ship, and how to read maps,” he said on Monday.

Seng Bunleng, immigration police chief at the Preah Si­hanouk port, said the three Chinese ships were manned by over 700 sailors under the command of General Yu Man­jiang and arrived around 10 a.m.

In an interview earlier this month, Carlyle Thay­er, emeritus pro­fessor at the Australian Defense Forces Academy, de­scribed the visits by the navies of China and Japan—which are feuding over a string of is­lands in the East China Sea—as a “courtship” with Cam­bo­dia.

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