Chinese Nationals Involved in VoIP Scam Deported

Thirty-eight Chinese nationals arrested late last month for operating a long-distance extortion ring out of a casino in Poipet City were deported on Saturday, an Interior Ministry official said on Sunday.

The alleged fraudsters, 35 men and three women, were arrested on February 29 during a raid of the Golden Crown Casino, which is owned by CPP Senator Kok An, following a request from Chinese police, who said the suspects were wanted in China for using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology to make calls to Chinese victims.

The raid initially swept up 105 Chinese guests at the casino and a connected hotel, but only 38 were determined to be involved in the scam.

They were deported via a chartered China Southern Airlines plane on Saturday afternoon, according to Sieng Sen, director of the Interior Ministry’s internal security department, which carried out the raid in conjunction with Chinese police.

“We deported them to their own country on a special China Southern Air flight at 1 p.m. on Sunday, accompanied by Chinese police officers,” he said.

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