Cambodian Fishermen Taken From Thai Boats to Be Sent Home

The Cambodian government is working to send home 18 fishermen rescued from two Thai boats in the waters off the coast of Somalia, the Foreign Affairs ministry announced on Friday.

Thai police rescued one Cambodian fisherman, who led them to the others, though no details of how or when this occurred were released in Friday’s ministry statement. The two Thai boats were stopped at the northeastern Somali port of Bosaso, the ministry said.

“The final confirmation is the 18 Cambodian fishermen in Somalia will be sent to Nairobi, Kenya, after Thai police and Interpol cooperated with Somalai’s police, then they will be sent to Thailand,” said the statement issued by ministry spokesman Chum Sounry.

Thai police rescued one Cambodian fisherman, 24-year-old Rey Kea, who said the other 18 “Khmer migrants faced misery working on two Thai boats,” the statement said. No further details were released. 

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