Buoy Line Set Up in Sihanoukville to Protect Swimmers

A 300-meter buoy line separating swimmers from jetskis and boats has been set up off Sihanoukville’s O’Chheuteal Beach, which attracts tens of thousands of local and international visitors a year.

“We divided it to protect visitors,” Preah Sihanouk governor Yun Min said on Monday.

The buoys were imported from Thailand at a cost of $4,500, which included transportation and Friday’s installation, Mr. Min said.

The safety project was funded by his own money and donations from “generous people,” he said, adding that he planned to install more.

The new set was installed 100 meters from the coast and would be moved further inshore when water levels change, he added.

Tang Sochetkresna, director of the provincial tourism department, said the project was part of efforts to make local beaches safer after a spate of drownings last year, which include setting up lifeguard towers and training and regularly posting lifeguards.

Currently, 10 lifeguards work for the department keeping watch at various beaches, Mr. Sochetkresna added.

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