Body of Murdered Woman Found in Garbage Pile

Police in Phnom Penh say a young woman whose body was found by scavengers in a pile of trash on Wednesday morning was strangled with an electrical cable and wrapped in a blanket, and was not likely the victim of a random robbery.

Sen Sok district police chief Mok Hong said the victim, Keo Kanha, 19, worked at a local club.

Though police had not ruled out robbery, Mr. Hong said the effort the murderer or murderers took in disposing of the body suggested otherwise.

“This might be a revenge case because the body was wrapped and tied up with string,” he said, adding that police had yet to identify any suspects, and an examination found no evidence of rape.

In a report on the case posted to the National Police website, however, the victim’s sister said she believed it was a robbery because Keo Kanha’s motorbike, iPhone and ankle bracelet were missing.

The report said the woman worked at the 55 Club, located a few blocks northwest of the Independence Monument.

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