Police Seek 3 Armed Robbers After Shooting

Three men armed with AK-47 assault rifles robbed a grocery store in Kampot province on Tuesday evening but fled after shooting the owner in the toe and taking only her platinum bracelet, police said Wednesday.

The men pulled up on a motorbike in front of the store owned by 43-year-old Nhub Kha at about 8 p.m. on Tuesday, asking her to come outside the shop to sell them gasoline, said Seng Vuthy, deputy police chief of Dang Tong district.

The men then surrounded her and demanded that she hand over cash, but Ms. Kha refused, angering the thieves, he said.

“One of the robbers shot a single bullet into the ground to threaten her after she refused to give them any money,” he said, adding that the bullet ricocheted and grazed her toe, causing her to give them a platinum bracelet worth less than $200.

Mr. Vanny said the victim told police that curious neighbors stepped out of their houses when they heard the gunshot, prompting the men to fire two warning shots into the air and drive away.

Mr. Vuthy said police had not identified any suspects.

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