Court Charges Two Over Deadly Fight Between Families

The Takeo Provincial Court on Friday charged a man and a woman with murder for their involvement in a brawl between their two families that led to two deaths on Monday night, officials said.

The families had been feuding in the days leading up to the fight, which took place inside the Bati district home of rice farmer Em Kat, 34, after a religious ceremony in a nearby field, according to police.

After a public argument during the ceremony that pitted the 34-year-old farmer, his wife and his sister against fruit trader Sum Sinoeun, 37, his wife and teenage brother, the merchant and his family entered the farmer’s house and the six came to blows, with Em Kat and Sum Sinoeun succumbing to a stab wound and head trauma, respectively.

Em Kat’s sister, Em Pov, 34, and Sum Sinoeun’s brother, Sum Mony, 18, were arrested over the violence the next morning.

On Friday, they were charged at the provincial court and sent to prison to await trial, according to deputy prosecutor Tith Socheatra, who said the pair had admitted to involvement in the fight, but denied the accusations of murder.

As for the wives, Mr. Socheatra said the court would “investigate further and collect more evidence” before ordering any more arrests.

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